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High Temp Ceramic Coating

What is High Temperature Ceramic Coating?

High temperature ceramic coating is often referred to as an exhaust coating, header coating or high heat coating. High temperature coatings are designed to prevent corrosion of exhaust systems and engine components. Corrosion is the breaking down of essential properties due to exposure to moisture in the air. The high temperature coating product can withstand temperatures in excess of 1200 degrees and some coatings can withstand temperatures higher that 1600 degrees. The high temperature coating process can also increase the durability and provide thermal insulation to the exhaust system. This durable ceramic coating runs between 2 and 4 mils thick and provides a hard finish which is resistant to rust and chipping. This coating process has an excellent adhesion and is abrasion resistant.

Where to use High Temperature Ceramic Coating?

High temperature ceramic coatings are recommended for use on parts that are exposed to extremely high temperatures. Ceramic coating can be applied over chrome, aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel or cast iron. It is ideal for parts exposed to extreme temperatures (2,000°F) such as exhaust pipes, headers, manifolds, turbo housings, intakes and brackets.

Why using the High Temperature Ceramic Coating process?

Using the high temperature ceramic coating process there will be a noticeable increase in engine performance. Piston tops coated with high temperature ceramic coating provides a layer of thermal protection to the piston tops. This highly polished coating greatly increases part longevity as it reduces heat and detonation. The coating also helps to extend the service life of components by reducing thermal fatigue and fighting corrosion. This coating process also has the added benefit that the parts cool off quicker which can make for easier adjustments.